Nearing the end of our tour we have a couple of days in Hanoi. 

What immediately strikes you is the traffic.   Hundreds and hundreds of scooters.  Two up. Three up. Even four. 

There is only one way to cross the road. 

Look straight ahead.  keep a steady pace.  No hesitation, Definately dont stop.  Just keep going. 

If the scooter riders can read what you're doing then there's no problem. They just weave round you. 

Going out to a superb vegan restraunt again this evening.  Some of the best eating out that I've ever had.  Last night was pine kernal soup,  Mushroom hotpot and a Pineapple Falooda. 

The soup was served in a hollowed bread roll.  There were seven kinds of fresh mushroom cooked in front of us.  The falooda served in a pineapple.  All for 350.000 Dong. (about £12)  Probably a fortune locally.

Last concert of the tour tomorrow night. And my last Rach 2 ever.   I see that Star Wars is down as the encore.  Then it's straight off to the airport and a night flight back to blighty.

Too risky

Too risky

If I dont get back from the restraunt tonight it's probably because my rules for crossing the road didnt work.