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Sinking feeling

There's always a sinking feeling when you get to a venue and you realise you made a mistake. Approaching, you realise that you've not seen any colleagues yet, and there's no sound of anyone warming up.  Damn, wrong venue.

It happens to most people sooner or later. A quick phone call.  I'm going to be late.  Henry Wood Hall, not LSO St Luke's.  Even worse if it's Walthamstow. Assembly Halls or Watford Town Hall.

This week it was my turn .... again.  Arrived in good time, sounds of warming up, lots of colleagues.  But wait.  Why were they all looking so smart?

I'd checked.  It was a schools concert.  Schools concerts for us is to wear a brightly coloured shirt with black trousers.  Yes I was wearing black trousers with a purple shirt.  But there was something wrong.   

Then I noticed.  Yes everyone was looking smart because they all had black shirts. Oh no.

Why?  This wasn't a usual children's concert. It was a performance of Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring using projected images, and a darkened stage with stand lights.

Not to worry. Carmine our leader said I wasn't the only one.  There would be 30 minutes between the rehearsal and the show and time to nip down to M&S at Moorgate.

It was wet and trying to snow outside.  The assistant in the men's department on the second floor said unfortunately he had sold the last 17 inch black shirt. Yes I would take the last remaining black shirt even if it were a 18 1/2 inch collar.  Even if it would look like a tent. That was when Andrew Marriner our principal clarinet came out of the fitting room.  Yes his 17 inch was fine.


Yet another black shirt.  The author with  Andrew Marriner    

Yet another black shirt.

The author with Andrew Marriner