A tired but happy orchestra

A tired but happy orchestra

The bus is crowded.  Instruments on laps, bags everywhere. It's hot and steamy.  Everyone wants to be on the first bus back to the hotel.  The concert was over about 17 minutes ago.   When it comes to leaving a venue the LSO is slick.  Very slick.

Claire announces that she's READY.  Another 10 people cram on.

There are three buses to take us back to the hotel.  Everyone wants to be on the first bus. First to the bar.

The stage crew will have the lorry packed and off in no time.

Tomorrow another plane, another country, another town, another hotel, another venue,  another concert, another bus and another bar.

Right we're there.  Quick, off the bus. No, not the hotel bar. It's too expensive. There's that little place round the corner.

It's chilly in the night air and we dont waste any time.  In the deserted cafe we dump our bags in the corner.  The waitress tries to set some dining places, but we save her the trouble as we are only there for a beer.

That first Korean pilsner tastes very good.

Did you enjoy the concert? Yes, what about you? Yes it was alright. I had problems staying awake.  Yes me too. 

Any way, what's tomorrow? 

We're flying to China.

What's the program?

There's no concert.  It's a free evening.


Apparently, It's snowing in Beijing.